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Locate the Local Management section. 3. Keep the Port as the default setting. Enable Local Management via HTTPS and keep the Port for HTTPS as the default setting. Enter the IP address or MAC address of the local device to manage the modem router. 4. Click Save. IPv4 link-local addresses are taken from the prefix However, there is a big difference: an IPv4 link-local address is typically assigned to an interface when DHCP fails to supply an address. So IPv4 link-local addresses show up when there are no other IPv4 addresses. In contrast, IPv6 link-local addresses are used next to other link-local address An IP address in the range from to It is used to automatically assign an IP address to a device in an IP network when there is no other assignment method available, such as a DHCP server. Unique local IPv6 addresses begin with FD00::/8. A unique local IPv6 address is constructed by appending a randomly generated 40-bit hexadecimal string to the FD00::/8 prefix. The subnet field and interface ID are created in the same way as with global IPv6 addresses. A graphical representation of an unique local IPv6 address: Aug 07, 2013 · In IPv6 Link-Local addresses are mandatory addresses according to RFC 4291. This means that all interfaces are required to have at least one Link-Local unicast address from the address block fe80::/10, which has been reserved for link-local unicast addressing. The actual link-local addresses are though assigned with the prefix fe80::/64.

Link-local IP address ranges. Link-local addresses may be assigned manually or automatic operating system procedures. They are assigned most often via autoconfiguration. They are normally only used to assign IP addresses when no mechanism of address configuration exists, such as DHCP, or when another configuration method has failed.

Aug 07, 2013 Manual:IPv6/Address - MikroTik Wiki Address prefix is always FE80::/64 and IPv6 router never forwards link-local traffic beyond the link. These addresses are comparable to the auto-configuration addresses of IPv4. A link-local address is also required for Neighbor Discovery processes. IPv6 Multicast Address Space Registry

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Auto-configured IPv6 address is known as Link-Local address. This address always starts with FE80. The first 16 bits of link-local address is always set to 1111 1110 1000 0000 (FE80). The next 48-bits are set to 0, thus: [Image: Link-Local Address] Link-local addresses are used for communication among IPv6 hosts on a link (broadcast segment) only. The definition of any Realm-Local scope for a particular network technology should be published in an RFC. For example, such a scope definition would be appropriate for publication in an 'IPv6-over-foo' RFC. Any RFCs that define a Realm-Local scope will be listed in this registry as an additional reference in the Realm-Local scope entry. MX Series. Configuring a PPPoE Dynamic Profile for Use with NDRA in a Dual-Stack Network, Configuring a Static PPPoE Logical Interface for NDRA, Configuring an Address-Assignment Pool Used for Router Advertisements, Configuring Duplicate IPv6 Prefix Protection for Router Advertisement, Configuring the IPv6 Link-Local Address for Dynamic Demux Interfaces over Static Demux VLAN Interfaces Sep 15, 2014 · Local: FF02::A is local to the wire. Join: Each device "joins" FF02::A by just "deciding to listen" to the IPv6 link-local scope multicast address FF02::A. Then, by extension, it listens to the corresponding MAC address for that multicast IPv6 address (33:33:00:00:00:0A).