More than 2,000 goals have been scored in the 21 editions of the men's FIFA World Cup final tournaments, not counting penalties scored during shoot-outs. Since the first goal scored by French player Lucien Laurent at the 1930 FIFA World Cup, more than 1,250 male footballers have scored goals in the men’s World Cup final tournaments, of whom just 97 have scored five or more.

2017 WMF World Cup - Wikipedia The 2017 World Minifootball Federation World Cup is the second edition of the WMF World Cup, the world championship for men's national minifootball teams organized by the World Minifootball Federation.The tournament was contested in Nabeul city in Tunisia from 06–15 October 2017. Top 10 Goals: FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2012 - YouTube Dec 13, 2013 List of FIFA World Cup goalscorers - Wikipedia

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2017 WMF World Cup - Wikipedia

Ranking the top 10 World Cup shirts ever ft. France More World Cup. Ranking England’s last 10 kits by their record while wearing them. Can you get 100% right on this World Cup general knowledge quiz? Ranking every World Cup since 1990 from worst to best. Revisiting the 2014 BBC prediction of England’s 2018 World Cup line-up The Top 10 Goals in FIFA World Cup History Goals all count the same, but they aren’t created the same nor do they live in our memories for the same amount of time. When it comes to the grandest goals of them all — those scored at the FIFA World Cup finals — we’ve seen individual brilliance, history-changing strikes and legends born or boosted forever.. These are the 10 that we think of first when you say, “The best goals in List of international goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification: 73 2–0 74 21 June 2017: Spartak Stadium, Moscow, Russia Russia: 1–0: 1–0: 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup: 75 24 June 2017: Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg, Russia New Zealand: 1–0: 4–0: 76 31 August 2017: Estádio do Bessa, Porto, Portugal Faroe Islands: 1–0: 5–1: 2018 FIFA World Cup 2017 WMF World Cup - Wikipedia