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Subnetting Made Easy - Sunset Learning Institute | pdf Mar 21, 2020 A repository of helpful stuff selected - Easy Subnetting Subnetting Tip Sheet (PDF)- This is a homemade CCNA tip sheet that collects the most important subnet details on one page. This sheet was last revised November 4, 2018. Subnetting Tips from EasySubnetting.com (PDF)- Charts and tips to help subnetting students focus on the fundamentals and binary math. This sheet was posted on November 5, 2018.

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sbnetting-made-easy.pdf | Ip Address | Internet Architecture Subnetting Made Easy And Other Cisco Tidbits: Subnetting Made Easy - Critically Acclaimed! As it is a /14 address and the next boundary is a /16 our block size is 2^(16-14) = 2^2 = 4 (where ^ …