Iranian police on Friday dispersed protesters in southwestern Iran who were demonstrating over the Islamic Republic's anemic economy amid a US sanctions campaign, The Associated Press reports. Meanwhile, internet access to the wider region was disrupted as …

When Iran blocked the internet, tech experts in the U.S Dec 17, 2019 Internet Access in Iran - Lonely Planet Internet Access In Iran, internet cafes are known as cafenets (previously called coffeenets), although there are fewer such places with each passing year as everyone has mobile internet and wi-fi is increasingly common. In Tehran, for example, there are virtually no cafenets left as pretty much all cafes, teahouses and hotels have wi-fi.

We are living in the middle of the world of technology. So, with no doubt, having access to the internet is one of the first concerns of travelers.

Nov 21, 2019

Nov 19, 2019

The Iranian government regularly and increasingly blocks access to the internet — a process called “throttling” — during episodes of unrest or during widespread demonstrations. Iranian officials Nov 19, 2019 · The Iranian government has shut down nearly all internet access in the country over the weekend amid increasingly angry protests over gas price hikes, following a string of governments using Nov 17, 2019 · The government is apparently seeking to silence protesters and quell unrest. So how does a country like Iran switch off internet access to a population of more than 80 million? It's not an easy Nov 18, 2019 · Iran shut down citizens’ internet access following protests over fuel pricing by Cara Curtis — 7 months ago in Tech Over the weekend, people in Iran experienced slowing internet until finally, on Dec 25, 2019 · Iran's authorities have restricted mobile internet access in several provinces, an Iranian news agency reported on Wednesday, a day before new protests were expected to kick off following calls