May 23, 2019 · How to Block an IP Address. Ultimately, blocking an IP address allows administrators and website owners to control website traffic. The process of blocking an IP address—or several—changes depending on the operating system that’s being used. While there are several different operating systems, the most common are Windows and Mac.

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Blocking an IP address blocks everyone using that IP address - not a specific person. It has happened where a site that blocked one IP address stopped an entire country from seeing their site.

Sep 28, 2016 · From your IP address, a website can determine your rough geographical location – not down to street level, but generally your city or area. If you’ve ever seen a spammy ad that tries to look legitimate by mentioning your location, this is how the ad does it. IP addresses can change and are often used by multiple users, so they aren’t a Jul 24, 2008 · For the most part people can't see your IP address and websites do record them but that is for purposes in case of fraud and abuse of their site. You could use a proxy website to alter your IP address for going to forums and whatnot but in terms of online banking and that sort of stuff NEVER use a proxy or other software to hide your IP.

Help! My IP address is not detected properly. The iQ Block Country plugin does it’s best to detect the real IP address of your visitors even if they try to hide it. However sometimes it fails in doing so and in that case you might get an different IP address for your users. For instance your webhosting IP address.

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