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BBC iPlayer on Freesat review The BBC's new service is about to launch and looks promising But the BBC is confident such problems will be ironed out or by the time the final version goes live. BBC iPlayer - Broken since upgrade to windows 10 Oct 04, 2017 BBC Iplayer download failed — Digital Spy Is anyone else constantly getting download failed on BBC iplayer TV app? I've tried various different Wi-Fi networks so it isn't a network problem as such. 0. Comments. gomezz Posts: 37,232. Forum Member 20/08/17 - 15:11 edited 20/08/17 - 15:11 #2. What device are you trying to download on? Not had any problems on my Android tablet. 0.

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Oct 04, 2017 BBC Iplayer download failed — Digital Spy

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Important information relating to BBC iPlayer | Samsung First, find out whether your TV software needs to be updated in order to run BBC iPlayer. If the software version that your TV is running is not listed in the table, follow the instructions below to update the software via the Settings menu. Find out how which software version your TV is running. iPlayer down or not working? Problems, status and outages