Another option you have for viewing your iPhone/iPad content on TV is through Apple TV on which you can stream your videos through AirPlay. Of course, for that you will need Apple TV that is connected to a TV first through HdMI port. You can then connect your Apple TV to the Wireless Network you want to use.

The iPhone and iPad are great media players, but sometimes you want to see your video on a big screen. Here's how to connect your Apple phone or tablet to almost any HDTV. Guide to Connecting Your Apple TV to Surround Sound May 31, 2019 Connecting an iPad to tv | Apple iPad Forum

If you have an Apple TV, then connecting your iPad to TV is a different step altogether. First having an Apple TV means you need not connect your iPad as your Apple TV can stream all content with the help of built-in Apps as well as enable the users to play games and music from Apple Store.

Feb 24, 2018 Jun 03, 2020 · If your Apple TV stops responding during setup, unplug your Apple TV from power, then plug it back in. If you can't get past a screen during setup, try connecting your Apple TV to a different Wi-Fi network, like a personal hotspot from your phone. After setup is complete, go to Settings on your Apple TV and connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your Apple TV over Bluetooth to use them as a remote control. Need help? Chat with a Tech Pro or call us at1-833-202-2695.

Mirroring your iPhone or iPad to your TV via Apple TV is an easy way to watch content when you don’t want pesky wires coming in between. You can also mirror your device’s content if your TV supports AirPlay 2 , such as Samsung (2018-2019 models), 2019 LG and Sony models, and Vizio (2017-2019 models).

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